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There are 22 entries for The Scale Cabinetmaker, V. 7:3 (Spring), 1983:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 Anker Rasmussen Letters to the Editor Yes
p. 1 Don Ripley Letters to the Editor Yes
p. 4 Helen Dorsett How I Built the Store (Conclusion Part 3) Yes
p. 11 Harold Lovelady A Working Desk Lock Yes
p. 15 Kenneth A. Cooper Carving on a Curved Surface - Building a Tea Poy Yes
p. 19 Madelyn Cook Master of Disguise (column); Give me a Break Yes
p. 22 Jim Dorsett Multi-Display Workhorse Transformer Yes
p. 27 No author TSC Tips - Window Screens Yes
p. 28 No author Guide to Back Issues No
p. 29 Jim Jedlicka Operating Ceiling Fan (written with J. Dorsett) Yes
p. 36 Marie Heuer Beginner's Workbench: Mayflower Stool Yes
p. 39 Helen Dorsett Trickle-Down Furniture Yes
p. 42 Ann LeMasurier Lynn McEntire's Apple Cheeked dumplings No
p. 42 No author Errata, correction No
p. 44 No author Product Reviews No
p. 47 No author Product Reviews No
p. 50 Jim Jedlicka Combating Workshop Sawdust (Part 2) Yes
p. 60 Bob Porter Building with Bob No
p. 62 Joann Swanson American Indian Crafts Part II Yes
p. 64 Ann Maselli Marvelous Machines of Yesteryear Yes
p. 66 Susan Sirkis Small Belongings of Dress - Era of Grace & Refinement 1700-1800 Yes
p. 68 David Krupick The Workshop: Roses A La Cart Yes