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There are 16 entries for Small Talk, Dec, 1980:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 17 Madelyn Provera Craftsman of the Month Madelyn Provera Yes
p. 18 Jeanne Brewster Monthly Column Yes
p. 19 No author Spirit of Christmas 1980 No
p. 20 No author Tiny perfectly scaled bushes are real No
p. 24 Charles Claudon Ruby's Christmas, 1979 Yes
p. 28 No author Hats Off to Hot Stuff No
p. 29 G. Ray Schaffer A Potpourri of Mini Tricks Yes
p. 33 Michael Day Making Your Own Doll House Molding Yes
p. 34 Neil Perlin Miniature Telescope Yes
p. 54 Barry Leo Delaney Period Furnishings - Neoclassical France No
p. 56 Elizabeth Mott Make a Queen Anne Sideboard for the Holidays Yes
p. 58 No author Last Minute Gift Idea - Bag of Marbles Yes
p. 60 No author Miniature Retrospect Yes
p. 64 Virginia Schlosser Miniature Feats No
p. 69 Anne Day Smith Tie a Festive Bow Yes
p. 76 Bettyanne Twigg Calico Christmas Yes