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There are 15 entries for Small Talk, Dec, 1978:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 4 No author News & Reviews No
p. 4 No author Garnet No
p. 9 No author Set a Holiday Table (cover) No
p. 10 No author Santa's Workshop Revealed No
p. 10 No author Colossus No
p. 16 Robert Schirmer Miriam Irwin is a Specialist in Fine Print No
p. 17 No author The Good Sam Show No
p. 22 Faith Rogers Dollhouse Builders Creative Craftspersons No
p. 28 Dare Keen Courances Yes
p. 35 No author Show Stoppers No
p. 37 Dee Snyder Miniature Quilts Yes
p. 40 Ann Richards For the Littlest One Yes
p. 42 Barbara Mott Horse Shoo Fly & Packing Crate Car Yes
p. 50 Richard Marmo The Mystery of Scale No
p. 70 Kathy Sevebeck Mini Personalities No