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There are 22 entries for Nutshell News, Aug, 1997:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Items of Interest No
p. 13 (reader submissions) Small Accomplishments No
p. 18 Fred Stephenson Gravity - It's the Law Yes
p. 22 Questions & Answers No
p. 25 New Products No
p. 29 Miniature Museums in Minutes (ad?) No
p. 30 Kitty Mackey The King Lives in Miniature (cover) Yes
p. 37 Kay Melchisedech Olson The King's Clothes Yes
p. 41 Margaret Crossland Making Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes Yes
p. 42 Teri Otterson Elvis' Hound Dog Yes
p. 44 Kay Melchisedech Olson Love Me Slender Yes
p. 46 Maggie Pernice Artisan's Showcase: Make Beautiful Music No
p. 49 Barbara B. Warner Upgrade the Master Bedroom Yes
p. 53 Faye Ferguson Miniature Master No
p. 56 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook: Shingling a Dollhouse Yes
p. 62 John C. Clark Folding with a Full House No
p. 66 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 71 Kit Reviews No
p. 72 Show Scene (Chicago International) No
p. 73 Show Scene (Chicago International) No
p. 75 Susan Teltser-Schwarz Pins as Needles Yes
p. 90 Kitty Mackey Mini Cutouts - A Medley of Album Covers Yes