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There are 20 entries for Nutshell News, Feb, 1996:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 3 Jim Dorsett Letters to the Editor Yes
p. 5 Jim Dorsett Late 18th Century Connecticut Chest-on-Chest (c. 1802) Yes
p. 15 James B. Johnstone The Art of Finishing:  Coloring & Staining (Part 3) (reprint from 5:1 and 5:2) Yes
p. 24 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - When It's Tool Time No
p. 24 Helen Dorsett Ranch Style Oak Chair c. 1940 (reprinted from 4:1) Yes
p. 25 Marie Heuer 1905 Bathroom Fixtures Yes
p. 28 Jeanne Delgado The Architect's Classroom No
p. 32 Jeanne Delgado A Moment in Time No
p. 33 June Simpson 1920's Chippendale Bedroom Suite Part 3 (Contemporary Chippendale, c. 20th C) Yes
p. 36 Jeanne Delgado The Children's Furniture No
p. 38 Anne Day Smith Partelow Equals Piano No
p. 40 Molly Cromwell The Ingler Rooms No
p. 44 Kitty Mackey A Nut in a Shell Yes
p. 44 William S. Miller Contemporary Colonial Cracker Barrel Yes
p. 46 Maggie Pernice Artisan's Showcase - Victorian Nursery No
p. 48 No author Show Scene No
p. 52 Donna Flood Kenton Re-making the Bed, Pt. 2 Canopy Yes
p. 56 Barbara B. Warner Accessories for Cindy's Room Yes
p. 60 Joann Swanson The Sweetest Party (Valentine Day Vignette) Yes
p. 73 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes