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There are 13 entries for Nutshell News, Apr, 1995:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 20 Anne Day Smith R.S.V.P. Fauxs and Finds No
p. 24 Sybil Harp Shopping with Jane No
p. 28 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Go for Baroque No
p. 34 Lisa Sullivan The Game is Afoot No
p. 38 Christine A. Verstraete How Does Her Garden Grow No
p. 42 Anne Day Smith A Brush with Greatness No
p. 62 Maggie Pernice Artisan's Showcase -Santa Fe Getaway No
p. 67 Lisa VanSyoc Mini Cutouts - An Easter Feast Yes
p. 70 Barbara B. Warner Cindy's Playhouse Bed Yes
p. 76 Jo Ann Johnson English Cottage II Yes
p. 80 Jane Freeman Chelsea Antiques Shop Yes
p. 84 Joann Swanson Peter's Produce Yes
p. 101 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes