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There are 12 entries for Nutshell News, Jan, 1995:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 24 Anne Day Smith Looking Both Ways No
p. 44 No author 25 Years of Miniatures, How Far We've Come No
p. 66 Sybil Harp A Second Look No
p. 76 Anne Day Smith Perfect Partnership No
p. 82 Anne Day Smith The Gutheil's Growing Family No
p. 110 Madelyn Cook The Ivory Tower No
p. 121 Lisa VanSyoc Mini Cutouts - Goodies to Perk UP a Party Yes
p. 124 Mary Eccher Mary's Menus - 25th Anniversary Wishes Yes
p. 126 Jane Freeman The Museum of Art Yes
p. 128 Joann Swanson A Victorian Parlor Pastime and Make Your Garden Grow Yes
p. 136 Ann Maselli Dome of the Month - Auld Lang Syne Yes
p. 142 Dee Snyder Celebrate Harvest home Yes