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There are 11 entries for Nutshell News, Nov, 1994:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 9 Leslie Truscott Reader's Page - Wreathcycling No
p. 32 Meghan Dorsett Nutworking: A Classic Turns Thirty No
p. 44 Jeanne Delgado Small Wonders V No
p. 57 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook - A Glass Act Yes
p. 79 Lisa VanSyoc Mini Cutouts - Pass the Gravy Yes
p. 88 Jo Ann Johnson Shoestring Decorator: Antique Toys Yes
p. 92 Mary Kaliski Tin Pin Galley Yes
p. 96 Barbara B. Warner Finishing Touches Yes
p. 100 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting: Floored Again! Yes
p. 104 Joann Swanson Thanksgiving Before the Hearth Yes
p. 121 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes