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There are 15 entries for Nutshell News, Feb, 1994:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 22 Maggie Pernice Ask Maggie Yes
p. 27 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Finishing Touches Yes
p. 36 Jeanne Delgado Portraits in Porcelain No
p. 42 Jeanne Delgado Velkommen No
p. 48 Linda DeMichele How I Did It: Reversible Garden Yes
p. 52 Judith L. Meeker Thorne Rooms at Phoenix Art Museum No
p. 66 No author Artisan's Showcase - A Colonial Bedroom No
p. 67 No author Nutshell News 1993 Index No
p. 71 No author Mini Cutouts - Antique Valentines Yes
p. 80 Brooke Tucker Tiles Free for the Taking Yes
p. 84 Kitty Mackey Rustic Touches: A Suitable Union Yes
p. 86 Sydnie Wagner Build a Dollhouse Part 5 - Wall Treatments & Fixtures Yes
p. 90 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - A Pair of Plums Yes
p. 94 Joann Swanson Dream Room VIII - The Borrowers Yes
p. 109 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes