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There are 22 entries for Nutshell News, Apr, 1993:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 3 Jim Dorsett Letters to the Editor Yes
p. 5 Jim Dorsett Harmonious Confusion - An Oak Roll Top Office Desk Yes
p. 18 Tom Steiger Molding and Machining a Bombe Cabinet Base Yes
p. 25 Ruth Armstrong 1920's Farmhouse Cream Separator Yes
p. 30 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - 1920s Kitchen Yes
p. 32 June Simpson 19th Century Blanket Box Yes
p. 38 Peter F. Westcott Furniture for the Southwestern Room Part 2 Yes
p. 40 Anne Day Smith Happy Birthday, Peter No
p. 41 William S. Miller Billiard Tables in Half Inch Yes
p. 44 Suzanne Perfect-Miller How I Did It: The Tale of the Tailor No
p. 47 Helen Dorsett Model in a Minute - Colonial Style Child's Rocker Yes
p. 47 Wayne Lasch Model in a Minute - Shaker Step Stool Yes
p. 48 Galia Bazylko Royal Portraits: Elizabeth R No
p. 48 Tamara Brooks Model in a Minute - Niddy-Noddy Yes
p. 49 No author 1 inch Scale Measurement Conversion Chart Yes
p. 52 Lauran Stevens British Builders No
p. 70 Sybil Harp Going Places: Britain by Bus No
p. 76 Pamela Junk An English Cottage Pt. 1 Yes
p. 82 Ron Benson Kit Renderings: A Modern Biedermeier Table Yes
p. 86 Chris Dukeman Make Yours English Country: Bathing British Yes
p. 92 Joann Swanson Tree Trunk House Yes
p. 105 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes