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There are 13 entries for Nutshell News, Feb, 1993:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 11 Loren Eiseley Poem - The Dollhouse No
p. 30 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Special Stair Shapes Yes
p. 44 Jeanne Delgado Petite Elite Museum No
p. 52 Jay Lang She's The Bee's Knees No
p. 56 Marcia Pugh How I Did It - The Grandma House Yes
p. 67 No author 1992 Index No
p. 78 Anne Day Smith Salt Box House Yes
p. 84 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - Fit For a Queen Yes
p. 88 Chris Dukeman Make Yours Country: Wooden Baskets Yes
p. 92 Jacqueline Janders Dance, Ballerina, Dance Yes
p. 94 Joann Swanson Sweetheart Bedroom Yes
p. 118 Sue Mattson Small Talk Column Yes
p. 121 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes