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There are 23 entries for Nutshell News, Jan, 1993:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Victorian Theme (again) No
p. 3 Tamara Brooks Letters Yes
p. 5 Jim Dorsett Federal Drawing Room Sofa & Easy Chair (Boston c. 1810); New York Sofa Table (c. 1820 Yes
p. 18 Maggie Pernice Victorian Vogue No
p. 20 Tamara Brooks Arts & Crafts Mirrored Hat Rack (Beginner's Workbench) Yes
p. 22 Tamara Brooks Arts & Crafts Umbrella Stand (c. 1900) (Beginner's Workbench) Yes
p. 24 Sydnie Wagner Satisfy your Miniature Sweet Tooth Yes
p. 25 Peter F. Westcott Furniture for the Southwestern Room Part 1 Yes
p. 31 June Simpson Late Victorian Washstand (19th century) Yes
p. 36 Mary Durland Fields Grandfather's Gallery No
p. 39 Marie Heuer Two Regulator Clocks: Yes
p. 43 Peter F. Westcott Southwestern Room Box (17th century, Part 3) Yes
p. 44 Anne Day Smith Miniatures Mirror Lifetime of Hobbies No
p. 50 Galia Bazylko Royal Portraits: Queen Nefertiti No
p. 54 Anne Day Smith Good, Better, Betterley No
p. 60 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook: Base Motives Yes
p. 66 Jeanne Delgado American Versailles No
p. 86 Jo Ann Johnson Creating Heating Stoves Yes
p. 90 Robin Betterley Red Robin Farm Yes
p. 92 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting - Getting Hooked Yes
p. 94 Marilyn J. Slade Perky Poseable Poodles Yes
p. 96 Joann Swanson Garage Sale Yes
p. 109 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes