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There are 24 entries for Nutshell News, Dec, 1990:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 11 Dougless Strickland Bitler The World According to Dougless No
p. 14 Louise Fecher A Passion for Proportions No
p. 19 Ann Bahar Hardy Fare - Virtuosity in Miniatures No
p. 22 Lillian Wachtel The Nostalgic World of Shoichi Uchiyama No
p. 26 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Reflecting on Windows Part IV No
p. 26 Pat Ostovar Halliburton Journal - Summer of 1990 Yes
p. 30 James Gordon A Miniaturists' Christmas Greeting No
p. 33 Lorena Raker Projects & Plans - Easy Country Baskets Yes
p. 38 No author Show Stoppers No
p. 40 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 40 Dee Snyder Collectables - Collecting Creches No
p. 42 Mary Keetch A Dickens of a Miniaturist No
p. 44 Pat Ostovar Small World - London Dollhouse Festival No
p. 46 Anne Day Smith The Hoffman Connection No
p. 54 Jane Ewer Judy's Little Loves No
p. 58 Dee Snyder A Baker Street Dozen No
p. 74 Bonnie Franklin Claycrafting - All That Glitters Yes
p. 76 Eve Karoblis Corner a Moment in Time Yes
p. 82 Joan Benzell The NN Workshop Crowning Glories Yes
p. 84 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - A Hidden Hepplewhite Yes
p. 94 Chris Dukeman Finishing the Postwar Kitchen Yes
p. 98 Joann Swanson The Christmas Tree Lot Yes
p. 116 No author Dear Diane Yes
p. 119 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes