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There are 16 entries for Nutshell News, May, 1990:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 28 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Victorian Legacy No
p. 32 Dee Snyder Collectables - Exclusive Offering No
p. 34 Catherine B. MacLaren Miniature & Magnifique No
p. 38 Anne Day Smith Contemporary Classics No
p. 44 Christine A. Verstraete The Davis Rooms No
p. 47 Sharon Zerkel Shaker Dry Sink, Hanging Shelf and Towel Rack Yes
p. 50 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook IX - Beaded Wood Yes
p. 68 Emily Good Hooked on Rugs Yes
p. 72 Madelyn Cook Hilltop II - Furniture in Microspect Yes
p. 76 Mary Eccher The NN Workshop: Canning Vegetables Yes
p. 80 Chris Dukeman Make Yours Country - Halve a Country Bedroom Yes
p. 86 Bonnie Franklin Claycrafting: Honey Bear Yes
p. 90 Ruth Armstrong From TVs to Butter Churns Yes
p. 94 Joann Swanson Playhouse Furniture Yes
p. 103 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 104 No author Dear Diane Yes