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There are 16 entries for Nutshell News, Apr, 1989:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Shops and Stores Issue No
p. 3 Jim Dorsett Letters Yes
p. 5 Jim Dorsett Federal Period North Carolina Hunt Board (Banding & Veneering) (c. 1790-1800) Yes
p. 13 Helen Dorsett Painted Empire Settee (c. 1840, Beginner's Workbench) Yes
p. 21 Don Peck Thonet Style Bentwood Rocker (c. late 19th cent.) Yes
p. 25 Ted Roubal A Review of Small Lathes for Miniaturists Yes
p. 36 William S. Miller A Paris Hall Chair (c. 1987) Yes
p. 40 Jim Dorsett Regency-Style Double Gate Leg Table (20th cent, c. 1920s) Yes
p. 54 Phyllis Tucker The Renaissance Men of Lafayette No
p. 62 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Commitment to Excellence No
p. 78 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook IV- Shingled Roofs Yes
p. 88 d. Anne Ruff Well Dressed Window Yes
p. 94 Barbara Guyette Kitchen Craft 2 -A Modern Mini Refrigerator Yes
p. 98 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - American Empire Secretary Yes
p. 100 Joann Swanson Screen Art Yes
p. 118 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes