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There are 20 entries for Nutshell News, Oct, 1988:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Victorian Issue No
p. 2 No author Victorian Issue No
p. 18 No author Book Reviews No
p. 28 Sarah Salisbury The Private Eye No
p. 36 Dee Snyder Collectables, Feature No
p. 38 Kathleen Zimmer Lagniappe, a Trifle More No
p. 44 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Feature No
p. 48 Jeanie Franz Ransom Feature No
p. 54 Lynn Fremont Feature No
p. 58 Anne Day Smith Feature No
p. 62 Jeanne Delgado Feature No
p. 70 Anne Day Smith Show Scene No
p. 72 Anne Day Smith Feature No
p. 76 Master File III: Decorative Hand Painting Yes
p. 78 Barbara Guyette Boo-tiful Pumpkins Yes
p. 82 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook - Problems of Aging Yes
p. 88 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - 18th Cent. Corner Cupboard Yes
p. 96 Joann Swanson Main Street - Ice Cream Parlor Yes
p. 110 No author Dear Diane Yes
p. 113 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes