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There are 22 entries for Nutshell News, Apr, 1988:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Issue Theme: Romantic & Wedding Issue No
p. 8 Mel Frantz Oh How Romantic No
p. 11 Mel Frantz Flowers the Unspoken Language No
p. 12 Anne Day Smith Romantic Notions No
p. 14 No author Book Reviews No
p. 20 Sarah Salisbury The Private Eye No
p. 20 Kathleen Zimmer Courtship and Marriage No
p. 22 Fran Peltz Showcase - Get Ready for Romance No
p. 28 Dee Snyder Collectables No
p. 30 No author Feature No
p. 32 Sandy Smith Feature No
p. 36 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Feature No
p. 42 Terry Yacona Feature No
p. 44 Sheila DeTurk Collections - Romance Themed No
p. 50 Jeanne Abrams Feature No
p. 56 Jeanne Delgado Feature No
p. 60 Marie Hess Feature No
p. 64 Penny K. Balch Feature No
p. 77 Rosemary Tucker Focusing for Miniature Portraits Yes
p. 78 Barbara Guyette Millinery Magic Yes
p. 85 Annie Herzfeld Framing Contemporary Prints and Posters Yes
p. 86 Joann Swanson Main Street - Dressmaker's Shop Yes