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There are 10 entries for Nutshell News, May, 1987:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 36 Mel Frantz Artisan Update: Mary Penet & Phil Lavigne No
p. 40 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month: The Good Doctor's Office No
p. 42 Sheila DeTurk Master in Micrometers No
p. 46 Diane T. Smith A Victorian Fantasy No
p. 52 Anne Day Smith Hindeloopen Miniatures: A Dutch Touch No
p. 64 Ann Ruble Molpus Minikins: Nancy Scott's Showy Ladies No
p. 70 Anne Day Smith Dona Hayunga's Never Never Land No
p. 76 Dee Snyder On Stage Yes
p. 78 Joann Swanson The Florist Shop Yes
p. 90 Bob Porter Building with Bob: Clifton House Part V Yes