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There are 13 entries for Nutshell News, Apr 1987:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 36 Sybil Harp Miniaturist of the Month: Childhood Dreams & Old World Memories No
p. 38 Mary Ann Claud Dee Price Boquist - A Miniaturist's Portrait No
p. 44 Anne Day Smith Dolores Kott's Can Do Bears No
p. 48 Anne Day Smith A Dollhouse for Mom No
p. 54 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Mission in Needlepoint No
p. 58 No author Time for Tea (Cover) No
p. 60 Catherine B. MacLaren The Stansbury Burris House No
p. 70 Hazel Colburn Minikins: Ethel Hicks Angel Children No
p. 74 Kim Remesch Southwestern Heritage No
p. 78 Joann Swanson E. Bunny Burrow Yes
p. 84 Ruth Armstrong The Eye of the Peacock Yes
p. 86 Bob Porter Building with Bob: Clifton House Part IV Yes
p. 93 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes