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There are 16 entries for Nutshell News, Feb, 1987:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 36 Carol Black The Renovation No
p. 40 Anne Day Smith Minis On The Hudson No
p. 46 Jeanne Delgado Cheryl Podgorski's Native American Home No
p. 50 Mary Ann Claud Dale Herrin's Frontierland No
p. 54 Lynn Tilton The Philadelphia Story No
p. 60 Anne Day Smith Ancient Fascination No
p. 70 Sybil Harp Miniaturist of the Month: Walden Revisited No
p. 72 Michael McDanal Jack Heier: Master Modelmaker No
p. 76 Marjorie Petersen Ghost Town Originals No
p. 80 Jeanie Franz Ransom Minikins: Elaine Kushner's Minikin Magic No
p. 84 Kim Remesch May Rogers' Quest for Perfection No
p. 86 Joann Swanson A Shop for the Heart Yes
p. 92 Bob Porter Building with Bob: Clifton House Pt 2 Yes
p. 96 Dana Batory Shaker Style: Purity of Line Yes
p. 105 No author 1986 Index No
p. 115 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes