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There are 17 entries for Nutshell News, Aug, 1986:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 28 Dee Snyder Collectables - Cranford Miniatures Gossip 1940s & 50s Newsletter No
p. 30 Jeanie Franz Ransom Dem Bones, Dem Bones No
p. 36 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month Spanish Style No
p. 40 Kathy Farnsworth A Collection of Personal Significance No
p. 46 Galia Bazylko America's First Ladies - Entering the 20th century No
p. 50 Anne Day Smith Dan and Sharon Zerkel Artisans and Collectors Yes
p. 56 Bonnie Schroeder Victorians at Heart No
p. 60 Anne Day Smith A Rare Room for Reading No
p. 64 Anne Day Smith Show Scene No
p. 74 Sheila DeTurk At Home with Country No
p. 78 Sheila DeTurk Cat Wingler's Fanciful Friends No
p. 82 Barbara K. d'Artois Audrey Kellam's New Starring Role No
p. 86 Joann Swanson Gardener's Delight Yes
p. 90 Susan Sirkis Small Belongings of Dress - Colonial Children Yes
p. 96 Mary Eccher Delectable Seafood Specialties Yes
p. 98 Lisa VanSyoc Backyard Retreat Pt 1 Yes
p. 105 Various Workshop Wisdom Yes