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There are 17 entries for Nutshell News, Jul, 1986:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 26 Dee Snyder The Collectables: Cranford Collectables No
p. 28 Anne Day Smith Miniaturist of the Month: A New England Heritage No
p. 32 Sheila DeTurk English History in Miniature No
p. 38 Galia Bazylko America's First Ladies: Elaborate Era No
p. 42 Charlene Smith Cinema Places No
p. 48 Emily Kendall Artisan Update: A New Perspective No
p. 52 Ann Ruble Molpus A Happy Harmony of Talents No
p. 60 No author Show Scene No
p. 68 Anne Day Smith Minikins: Portraiture in Miniature No
p. 74 Christopher Lentz Keepers of the Glow No
p. 76 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Marilyn Taylor's Crafty Concoctions No
p. 80 Chris Dukeman Make It Country: A Country Christmas Yes
p. 82 Joann Swanson Joann's DIY: A Nook for Santa Yes
p. 84 Mary Eccher Mary's Menus - Traditional Holiday Favorites Yes
p. 87 Ruth Armstrong Measure for Measure Yes
p. 88 Kathy Klingler Growing Landscapes Yes
p. 99 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes