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There are 16 entries for Nutshell News, Jun, 1986:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 36 Dee Snyder Collectables, Dollhouse Inhabitants No
p. 40 Anne Day Smith The Allure of Antique Miniatures No
p. 46 Gayle M. Hargreaves An Eye for the Miniscule No
p. 50 Galia Bazylko America's First Ladies: Fashionable Folds and Elegant Trims No
p. 54 Ron Swartley Warren Dick Pioneer in Perfection No
p. 58 Barbara K. d'Artois Jean Guerin's Blossoming Career No
p. 62 Isabel Jerrold-Jones Miniaturist of the Month: Dolls with Character No
p. 64 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month: The Goldens in Tandem No
p. 68 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month: Anna Johnson Cultural Interpreter No
p. 70 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month: Nanci Mlot's Sculptured Expressions No
p. 72 Rosalie Hellen Peterson Dee Freeman, carver of wood. Woodworking artisan profile. No
p. 76 Anne Day Smith A Tebelman Original No
p. 80 No author Doll Showcase No
p. 94 Mary Eccher Mary's Menus - Wedding Wishes Yes
p. 96 Joann Swanson Joann's DIY - Dirty Linen Yes
p. 98 Susan Sirkis Small Belongings of Dress - Children's Clothing in America yes