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There are 18 entries for Nutshell News, May, 1986:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 16 Bonnie Bennett Product Reviews, Kits No
p. 28 Dee Snyder Collectables - Petite Princess No
p. 30 Mel Frantz Miniaturist of the Month: Pam Throop's Artistic Architecture No
p. 32 Christopher Kozlowski House for a Mouse (cover) No
p. 38 Galia Bazylko America's First Ladies: Full Skirts to Prim Bustles No
p. 41 No author Ad photo No
p. 42 Anne Day Smith Hal Earhart's Flower Filled Fairyland No
p. 46 Susan Sirkis Terry Town No
p. 50 Chrysteen Braun Jane Winston Kilkenny's Natural Wonders No
p. 54 Barbara K. d'Artois The Art of Craftsmanship & Enthusiasm No
p. 60 No author Show Scene No
p. 66 Anne Day Smith Minikins: Maureen Thomas Personality Plus People No
p. 70 Jeanie Franz Ransom Maura DeRyke's Authentic Curves & Curlicues No
p. 74 Mary Eccher Mary's Menus - America's Favorite One Stop Meal Yes
p. 76 Joann Swanson Joann's DIY: Strictly for the Birds Yes
p. 86 Chris Dukeman Wild Fowl Folk Art Yes
p. 90 Dee Snyder French Country Cottage (Pt 2) Yes
p. 99 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes