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There are 16 entries for Nutshell News, Jun, 1982:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 20 No author Product Review - Linens & Things No
p. 24 Charles Claudon Eugene Kupjack's 1 inch World No
p. 24 Anna B. Selfridge Mount Vernon in Miniature No
p. 28 Bonnie Dalzell Teddies in the Dollhouse Yes
p. 31 Kathleen Taylor A Needlework Bedroom Ensemble Yes
p. 34 Joan W. Coombs Dry Idea Powder Room Yes
p. 36 Lorna Brown Straw Bonnets Yes
p. 40 Ruth Armstrong Home on the Range Yes
p. 42 Gary Wisby The House that Jackie Built No
p. 44 Ruth Elliott Mrs. Greene's Museum of Historic Doll's Houses No
p. 50 Thelma Bernard Lambrequins are Lovely Yes
p. 50 Ann Bahar A Medieval Art with a Modern Perspective No
p. 60 Ann Maselli Dome of the Month - Happy Father's Day Yes
p. 62 Faith B. Rogers Readers' Dollhouses No
p. 65 Carol Lippert Gray Evolution of a Miniaturist No
p. 66 Joann Swanson Clay picture frames Yes