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There are 15 entries for Nutshell News, Dec, 1981:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 24 Carol Lippert Gray Research and Restoration No
p. 28 Jeffery Gueno Antique Art in Miniature No
p. 30 Kathleen Taylor Miniature Framed Cross Stitch Embroideries Yes
p. 32 Marie Dettling Brooke: Another View No
p. 38 Brooke Tucker Make a Mirrored Image Yes
p. 43 Joann Swanson Holly Yes
p. 43 Joann Swanson Deck the Halls Yes
p. 48 Elizabeth Chambers Miniature Pottery Yes
p. 50 Janie C. Furches Miniatronics Family Style No
p. 51 Mildred Jailer The Unturned Leg Yes
p. 54 Sally Hille The Talking Dollhouse No
p. 58 Michael Day A Colonial Workshop?Where Everything Works Yes
p. 60 Stephanie Blythe The Workshop: Secrets Of A Crystal Snow Fairy Yes
p. 74 Ann Maselli Dome of the Month -Santa Claus is Coming to Town Yes
p. 78 Gary Nash Take a Chance on Weathering Yes