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There are 18 entries for Nutshell News, May, 1981:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 9 Dee Snyder Collectables: Toncoss Miniatures No
p. 12 No author In a Nutshell No
p. 20 Catherine B. MacLaren Macadamia - Mitzi Van Horn No
p. 24 Dee Snyder Needed: Home for a Wayward Indian No
p. 32 Jean Dempsey Rock-a-bye Baby No
p. 35 Madelyn Cook Discovering Musical Minis with Cook & Co. No
p. 38 Kristin Helberg Maynard Manor Yes
p. 38 Kristin Helberg Maynard Manor No
p. 46 Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh Tiny Touch Menagerie No
p. 50 Ann Ruble Britain's Taj Mahal No
p. 54 Marie Friedman Finishing Touches No
p. 58 Braxton Payne The Workshop: Down by the Old Mill Stream Yes
p. 59 Braxton Payne The Workshop - How to Raise a Greenhouse Yes
p. 60 Jim Cook Photographing Miniatures: Lighting & Focus Yes
p. 66 No author Nutshell News Plans Service: A Coffee Table Display Case No
p. 68 Patricia Verdugo Beeble Mania No
p. 72 Sarah Salisbury Minikins: The Crafty Collector No
p. 74 Braxton Payne The Workshop: Payne by Payne Greenhouse Instructions Yes