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There are 17 entries for Nutshell News, Nov/Dec, 1979:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 4 Joan Elliot 'Ince to the Foot' No
p. 10 Eward Gehrke Building an Antique Trunk (c. 1672) Yes
p. 15 Peter F. Westcott A Late Georgian Room (Part 4) Yes
p. 19 Helen Dorsett The Late Great Empire of John Hall. Yes
p. 26 Helen Dorsett An Oak Coffee Table (Beginner's Workbench) Yes
p. 29 Helen Dorsett Christmas on the G.I. Bill Yes
p. 30 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom No
p. 37 Theodore Donaldson Ball and Claw from Wooden Beads Yes
p. 38 Ann Ruble Pulling Your Own Strings Yes
p. 39 Jim Jedlicka Helical Fluting with the Copy Attachment Yes
p. 42 Charles Claudon Deck the Mini Halls No
p. 46 Catherine B. MacLaren The Queen's Pleasure No
p. 50 Catherine B. MacLaren Cardboard Convections No
p. 68 Catherine B. MacLaren The Workshop - Painting Furniture Yes
p. 72 Charles Claudon Craftsman, Summa Cum Laude Yes
p. 76 Barbara Raheb A Dividend in Your Dollhouse No
p. 80 Barbara Blauman Askit Basket - Draperies IV Yes