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There are 10 entries for Nutshell News, Sep/Oct, 1979:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Linda Wexler Chinese Screens and Furniture Yes
p. 24 Susan Thorne Second Generation Thorne Rooms No
p. 33 Richard Marmo A Plastics Primer Yes
p. 44 No author O'Meara House No
p. 45 Marge Petersen Silver Miniatures No
p. 46 No author The Stettheimer Dollhouse No
p. 48 Kathy Sevebeck Fabrics in Dollhouses Yes
p. 58 Edleycoe Griek Paint Your Own Wallpaper Yes
p. 60 Marie Friedman A Feat of Clay No
p. 79 Barbara Blauman Askit Basket - Draperies III Yes