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There are 14 entries for Nutshell News, Summer, 1974:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 4 Dee Snyder The French Doll House (cover) No
p. 5 Susan Sirkis A Small Victorian House Yes
p. 11 Gretchen Deans The Pittsburgh Place No
p. 16 Mildred Pierce House, Shoe No
p. 20 No author Spirit House No
p. 25 Mrs. Leonard Schiada Love of Lights No
p. 26 No author Macadamia No
p. 29 Dee Snyder Nutcracking No
p. 33 Geil Butler I Had to Have a Fireplace No
p. 35 No author Not For a Granddaughter No
p. 36 P. R. Lahcram A Little about Martha Farnsworth No
p. 42 Penelope West Penny - For Her Thoughts No
p. 44 No author Schwarz Collection Part II No
p. 46 No author Jim Marcus No