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There are 14 entries for Miniatures Showcase, May, 1993:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Southwest Issue No
p. 28 Carolyn Curran Eastern Exposure No
p. 32 Anne Day Smith Houses to Have and to Hold No
p. 38 Betty Salpekar How I Did It: Adventures in Micro Miniature No
p. 42 Anne Day Smith Study in Sample Size No
p. 44 Maggie Pernice Liquid Suede makes Miniatures Fuzzy Yes
p. 50 Ginnie Voelker A Home For the Heinzelmannchens No
p. 68 Frank Moroz The Westly Bungalow (Cover) Yes
p. 72 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting: Peering in Style Yes
p. 76 Pamela Junk An English Cottage Pt. 2 Yes
p. 84 Sue Herber NN Workshop: Tiny Townhouse in 1/144 scale Yes
p. 88 Joann Swanson The Garden Workshop Yes
p. 102 Sue Mattson Small Talk (Q & A) Yes
p. 105 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes