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There are 23 entries for Miniatures Showcase, Fall, 1992:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Issue Theme - Children's Rooms No
p. 22 Geraldine Willems Decorating Children's Rooms No
p. 24 Sydnie Wagner It's Party Time Yes
p. 30 Staff Showcase Section- Children's Rooms No
p. 36 Sybil Harp Collectables: Farewell to a Friend No
p. 40 Annie Herzfeld Warp and Weft No
p. 46 Jeanne Delgado A Happy Land We Know No
p. 46 Melinda Wolf Artisan Profile - Nancy Elberfeld No
p. 50 Faith Rogers Small Wonders II No
p. 50 Anne Day Smith Collections Section No
p. 52 Eve Throop Finding Magic in Miniatures No
p. 54 Marie Hess Cover Girl - Shannon Moore No
p. 54 Anne Day Smith Home Created for Unique Collection No
p. 60 Lauran Stevens Going Places Dollhouse Museum of the Southwest No
p. 66 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook: Taking Off No
p. 82 Louise Hedrick 20th Century Brides - Bride of 1900s Yes
p. 86 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting: Three Chinese Accents Yes
p. 90 Jo Ann Johnson Shoestring Decorator: To Have and To Mold Yes
p. 94 Bonnie Franklin Claycrafting: Seeing Stars Yes
p. 96 Ruth Armstrong Tin Cookie Cutters Yes
p. 98 Joann Swanson Along the Mall XVIII (Kiddy Care) Yes
p. 110 Sue Mattson Small Talk Q & A Series Yes
p. 113 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes