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There are 32 entries for Miniatures Showcase, Spring, 1991:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Cover Photo No
p. 1 No author Issue Theme: Travel No
p. 3 Jim Dorsett Letters Yes
p. 5 Peter F. Westcott A Bishop's Living Room (Part 1) (Mid-Georgian c. 1760) Yes
p. 10 Anne Day Smith Treasures in Folk Art No
p. 13 Tamara Brooks A Sabathil Clavichord Dolce (17th century, c. 1990) Yes
p. 18 Staff Wee 'C' Club goes International No
p. 20 Staff Showcase No
p. 21 Jim Dorsett Making and Using Mortising Chisels Yes
p. 25 Tom Steiger O Wondrous Wooton! (Part 1) Renaissance Extra-Grade (c. 1875) Yes
p. 25 Fred Stephenson Architect's Angle - Facelifts & Figure Changes No
p. 32 Dee Snyder Collectables - The Governor's Seat No
p. 34 Jim Dorsett Mahogany Campaign Bed (c. 1810) Yes
p. 34 Christine A. Verstraete Mike Graves' Water Tower No
p. 38 Corinne Lutz Collections No
p. 40 Sybil Harp Small Wonders on Park Avenue No
p. 41 Marie Heuer 1927 Sears, Roebuck High Chair Yes
p. 44 Sybil Harp The Old and the Small No
p. 44 William S. Miller Outdoor/Indoor Corner Chair (c. 1984) Yes
p. 46 Wayne Lasch Mission Telephone Stand & Stool (c. 1900) (Beginner's Workbench) Yes
p. 48 Kathleen Zimmer Housculptures No
p. 57 Maggie Pernice More Minis No
p. 61 No author Small Accomplishments No
p. 64 Jim Cook The Miniatures Photographer IV - Ready, Aim, Focus Yes
p. 68 Dillwyn Thomas Figure Sculpting II - Creating the Head Yes
p. 69 Mary Eccher Last Glance No
p. 74 Jo Ann Johnson Shoestring Decorator- Time for Fun Yes
p. 78 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - An Adams Family Heirloom Yes
p. 84 Chris Dukeman Make Yours Country - Dry Sink Yes
p. 90 Joann Swanson Along the Mall IV (Garden Center) Shop Yes
p. 101 No author Dear Diane Yes
p. 105 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes