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There are 21 entries for Miniatures Showcase, Winter 1991:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Issue Theme- Unusual Containers and Displays No
p. 10 Suzanne Ezell Tips from Experts: The Magic of Minis No
p. 11 Pamela J. Henkel Find Homes for your Collectibles No
p. 20 Geraldine Willems A Bit Unusual -- You Bet! No
p. 24 Staff Showcase No
p. 32 Jim Cook Photography and Miniatures - Revisited No
p. 36 Dee Snyder Collectables - the Cocoanut House No
p. 36 Corinne Lutz Collections No
p. 40 Catherine B. MacLaren Architectural Miniatures No
p. 44 Barbara K. d'Artois The Magic Touch No
p. 48 Anne Day Smith All the World's a Stage No
p. 52 Jo Ann Johnson Shoestring Decorator Elegance on a Budget No
p. 56 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook - Stoves of Christmas Past Yes
p. 61 Maggie Pernice More Minis No
p. 62 Sybil Harp The Miracle Man (Cover - Kupjack) No
p. 80 Bonnie Franklin Claycrafting -Baby Blocks Yes
p. 84 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting - Versatile Sofa Yes
p. 88 Bonnie Bennett An Office Chair Yes
p. 94 Joann Swanson Along the Mall I (Little One Baby Store) Yes
p. 106 No author Dear Diane Yes
p. 109 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes