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There are 20 entries for Miniatures Showcase, Fall, 1989:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Celebrate America Issue No
p. 1 No author Southwest Issue No
p. 3 Jim Dorsett Letters Yes
p. 5 No author A 1920s Efficiency Apartment (cover) Yes
p. 7 Helen Dorsett Lazy Susan Apartment (Part 2) (American Builder, c. 1920) Yes
p. 12 Jim Dorsett Blue Line Oven/Stove (Wards Blue Line, c. 1929) Yes
p. 17 Jim Dorsett Fold-Away Metal Bed (c. 1920s) Yes
p. 22 Helen Dorsett 1920's Unfinished Furniture Yes
p. 25 Ted Roubal Screen Printing for Miniature Settings (Part 1) Yes
p. 29 Ruth Armstrong The Transitional Gas Range, c. 1915 (Part 2) Yes
p. 35 William S. Miller Sheraton Style Lady's Writing Desk (Sheraton-style, American, c. 1800) Yes
p. 40 Jim Jedlicka Cross-Cutting & Ripping with a Scroll Saw Yes
p. 44 S. Bernard Shaw A Cobbler's Bench Yes
p. 49 Helen Dorsett Model in a Minute: Eastlake Parlor Easel (Victorian) Yes
p. 90 Pat Thomas Creative Notebook #7- Well Aged Door Yes
p. 96 Barbara Guyette Freeze Your Food Yes
p. 98 Chris Dukeman A Herd of Cows Yes
p. 102 Joann Swanson Strapped for Space Yes
p. 112 Ron Benson Kit Renderings - Special Effects Yes
p. 118 No author Dear Diane Yes