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There are 26 entries for Miniatures Showcase, Winter, 1987:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Issue Theme- The Classics No
p. 12 Ron Benson The 18th Century -A Time of Perfection No
p. 18 Anne Day Smith The Classics No
p. 24 Pam Throop 18th Century Architecture No
p. 26 Maggie Zimmerman Mind your Ps and Qs No
p. 32 No author The 18th Century in Miniature No
p. 44 Sybil Harp Miniaturist of the Month: A Bit of the Southwest in Tennessee No
p. 46 Madilee C. Wnek Collections (18th Century Settings) No
p. 48 Sybil Harp Miniaturist of the Month: At Home and Abroad No
p. 50 Anne Day Smith An 18th Century French Palace (cover) No
p. 54 Linda L. Wentley A Slice of History No
p. 58 Sheila DeTurk H Houseful of History No
p. 64 Emily Kendall Bob Mason - Master Builder No
p. 68 Sybil Harp Sweet and Little No
p. 80 Cathy Mahoney Haddy House No
p. 84 Sheri Holmes Doris Robison's Little Things from Littlefield No
p. 88 Sheila DeTurk Minikins: Beverly Dahl's Beautiful Dolls No
p. 92 Marie Hess Paul Bronder's Stately Structures No
p. 94 Chrysteen Braun Barry and Sharon Schmeltzel A Family Affair No
p. 96 Barbara K. d'Artois Peggy Reid's Enchanted Collection No
p. 100 Isabel Jerrold-Jones The Wee Florist No
p. 102 Joann Swanson Rock-A-Bye Room Box Yes
p. 104 Barbara Guyette Spectrums of Color Yes
p. 106 Dana Batory Simple Accessories Yes
p. 108 Bob Porter Building with Bob: Clifton House Pt 1 Yes
p. 127 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes