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There are 19 entries for Miniature Magazine, Spring, 1982:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 15 No author News & Reviews No
p. 16 Faith Rogers Small Talk No
p. 26 Sarah Pitzer What Next, Tom Martin No
p. 28 Charles Claudon The Wages of Sin No
p. 32 Ruth L. Armstrong Miniature Stained Glass Yes
p. 34 Richard Marmo Privy Power Yes
p. 39 Bonnie Schroeder Brenda's Little Women and a Few Strange Men No
p. 42 Kristin Helberg Maynard Manor No
p. 44 Carol Lippert Gray The Incredible Shrinking Hobby No
p. 53 Annie Herzfeld The Why and How of Contemporary Yes
p. 54 No author Show Coverage Photo No
p. 57 Gloria Osborne Artist's Showcase No
p. 58 Clare L. Gillilane Microme (Scaled Down Macrame) Yes
p. 61 Sarah Salisbury Needlepainted Jewels No
p. 64 Susan Christian Susan Sanderson's Sturdy Heirlooms No
p. 68 David Jones Minikins: Mother is a Miniaturist No
p. 72 Pat Thomas Slope, Slant & Sag Yes
p. 76 Tom Martin Keeping Pies Safe & Warm Yes
p. 78 Ann Maselli Dome of the Month - Spring Planting Yes