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There are 17 entries for Miniature Magazine, Fall, 1981:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Catherine B. MacLaren Macadamia - Marie Friedman No
p. 24 G. Ray Shaffer Mini Victorian Washstand Yes
p. 24 Jim Cook Photographing Miniatures Yes
p. 28 Ann R. Wyatt Britains Floral Gardens No
p. 32 Ann Bahar A Cape May (Doll) House Tour No
p. 33 Ruth Armstrong Mini Cooperage Yes
p. 40 Diana Vickery Custom Crusader No
p. 43 Beverly Stock Take the Plunge No
p. 46 No author Minikins: Glenda's Gents & Ladies No
p. 48 Bob Sipchen Jim Park Master of Miniature (cover) No
p. 52 Carol Pongracic Porcelain Miniatures No
p. 54 Kristin Helberg Maynard Manor No
p. 62 Betty V. O'Meara Show Report - Dallas NAME Region houseparty 'Miniature Mayfest' No
p. 75 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 76 Pat Thomas The Beauty of Dry Rot and Peeling Paint Yes
p. 80 Ann Maselli Back to School, Way Back When Yes
p. 106 Ruth Schweizer Lobbying in Little No