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There are 8 entries for Miniature Magazine, Summer, 1981:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 21 Marie Lotito Project Page - Puppet Theatre, Mail Box, Gloves Yes
p. 40 Susan Sirkis Ribbon Weaving - Silken Magic Yes
p. 44 Faith Rogers Dollhouse Builders No
p. 57 Ruth Wendoff Miniature Baskets Yes
p. 62 Charles Claudon The Chemistry Behind Ravenscroft No
p. 74 Kristin Helberg Maynard Manor Pt 5 No
p. 80 Barbara Holton Stephanie Blythe & Susan Snodgrass: Alliance of Friendship and Fantasy No
p. 88 d. Anne Ruff Fool-the-Eye Panels and Screens Yes