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There are 26 entries for Miniature Magazine, Spring, 1981:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Feature Articles (various pages) Yes
p. 9 Clare Bell Brass Ad Photo No
p. 10 Catherine B. MacLaren Macadamia - Epicurean Excellence No
p. 16 Dee Snyder The Collectables - Victoreen Variety No
p. 20 David Jones Sebo Hall in Progress No
p. 22 Carolyn Sengstacken A Contemporary Dollhouse Dollhouse Yes
p. 24 G. Ray Schaffer Basic Elements of Better Closeup Photography Yes
p. 26 Elspeth Ad Photo - Little Linens No
p. 28 Catherine B. MacLaren Easter Delights from the Black Hat Chef No
p. 32 Ann Bahar Toys in the Attic No
p. 38 Sarah Salisbury Ione's Magic Carpets No
p. 40 JoAnn Campbell Bill Scott A Master of Miniatures No
p. 42 Sarah Salisbury Make a Curly Headed Minikin Yes
p. 43 Patti Castelli Miniature Feats - William Hadley No
p. 44 Faith Rogers Dollhouse Builders No
p. 46 Dee Snyder A Manse for All Seasons No
p. 48 Thelma Bernard Laven Dell No
p. 50 Catherine B. MacLaren Raising the Curtain on La Casita, Act II No
p. 55 John Javna Washington's 'First Lady' No
p. 61 Elizabeth Mott Welsh Dresser Yes
p. 62 Sarah Salisbury A Feast of Goodies (Troy, MI Show) No
p. 66 No author The Nutshell News Plans Service: Fancy Furniture No
p. 68 No author Cavorting in Fantasyland No
p. 71 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom No
p. 72 Marie Friedman Finishing Touches No
p. 76 d. Anne Ruff The Workshop -Quick and Easy Accessories Yes