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There are 38 entries for Miniature Collector, Aug, 2016:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 No author What's Up No
p. 8 Deb Weissler Vintage Style Minis No
p. 10 No author Auction Report - Theriault's No
p. 12 Joyce Waltz-Umerley Down the Rabbit Hole No
p. 12 Gabriele Layne Woodturning Shop No
p. 14 Dominic J. Zerbolio Lighting a Miniature in a Gift Bag No
p. 16 Gabriele Layne Wind Chime Yes
p. 17 D.L. Richards Farm to Market Bicycle Yes
p. 18 Stan Harrison Faces with Feeling No
p. 18 Gabriele Layne A Front Porch No
p. 21 Julio Ribeiro Service Station No
p. 24 Jeanne Rullie Make a Miniature Sword Yes
p. 26 Jayne Sedate Growing a Miniature Collection No
p. 28 No author Chicago International No
p. 31 No author Chicago International, contd. No
p. 33 Amy Nikolai Copper top table Yes
p. 34 No author Chicago International, contd. No
p. 36 No author Chicago International, contd. No
p. 36 Deb Weissler Vintage Record Store No
p. 38 Kristie Norman Love Thy Cottage No
p. 40 Laurel Zigler The Quilting Frame No
p. 42 Karen Grigaliunas Club Fanfare No
p. 42 Deb Weissler Beach Dollhouse No
p. 46 No author Gallery - Musee Miniature et Cinema, Lyon, France No
p. 48 Burgos Immaculat Sewing Box Yes
p. 52 Kathy Hall Heart of Miniatures No
p. 52 No author Artist Showcase - fruits and vegetables No
p. 61 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kids' Corner Yes
p. 63 Auralea Krieger Men's Cargo Shorts Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 No author A Family Home No
p. 74 No author Itty Bits Yes
p. 76 Mandy Groves Getting Organized No
p. 78 Deb Weissler Pool House No
p. 84 Kris Compas Leather Ottoman Yes
p. 90 John Clayton Vintage Chalkboard Yes
p. 93 No author Snippets Yes
p. 97 Caroline Dupuis Stained Glass Yes