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There are 37 entries for Miniature Collector, Dec, 2015:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Janet Granger Christmas Stocking Yes
p. 12 Mandy Groves Mini Word Play No
p. 14 No author Auction Report - Rhoads, Mary Kaliski Collection No
p. 16 Irma Bitetto Victorian Cupcake (cover) No
p. 16 Keith Walker Shop Counter Yes
p. 20 No author Wheelwright Shop No
p. 22 Connie Campbell South Shores No
p. 24 Jane Dater A First Room Box No
p. 26 Scott Hughes Sugar Shack No
p. 29 Pricilia Winter Sled Yes
p. 30 Scott Hughes Soda Can Napkin Holder Yes
p. 32 No author The First Perfection in Miniature Awards No
p. 32 Kelly Murdie Alice's Tea Party No
p. 34 Shannon Heydenberk Complimentary Insert - Door Wraps Yes
p. 36 Gabriele Layne Holiday Shop No
p. 37 Laurie Sisson How to Wig a Doll No
p. 38 Gail Meyer A Woman's Journey with Miniatures No
p. 42 Molly Cromwell Sturbridge 2015 - Location Location Location! No
p. 42 Ray Gerber Miniature Convention No
p. 44 Ray Gerber Miniature Convention No
p. 46 Diane Birnberg The Commonwealth Bank of Smallsea No
p. 48 Gabriele Layne Christmas Vignette No
p. 50 No author Gallery No
p. 52 No author Christmas Gallery (Artisan items) No
p. 56 No author Christmas Gallery (Artisan items) No
p. 59 Arlene Henk Heart of Miniatures No
p. 60 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kids' Corner Yes
p. 61 Michelle Earwaker Snow and Icicles Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 Deb Weissler Bakery Room Box No
p. 70 Nedka Slavcheva Wool Miniatures No
p. 74 Rebecca Micallef Santa's Workshop No
p. 79 Desna Tysoe Mini Sweater Yes
p. 80 Deb Weissler Market Stalls No
p. 85 Snippets - Christmas cards, boxes gift bags Yes
p. 90 Kris Compas Milk Can Yes
p. 97 No author Djembe Drum Yes