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There are 59 entries for Miniature Collector, Jul, 2015:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 No author Advertisement No
p. 8 Deb Weissler Exploring New Territory No
p. 8 No author Reader's Forum No
p. 8 Patricia Cabrera Tiny Critters No
p. 10 Ann High The Love of Carving No
p. 12 Sue Dubowi Seeking Serenity (duplicate of Jan/Feb 2013 p. 18) Yes
p. 14 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 16 Marianne Colijn A Special Little Dress Yes
p. 16 No author Inspiration Cove No
p. 18 No author Auction Report - Libby Goodman, Tony Orlando, John Daniel No
p. 20 Erzsebet Bodzas Make a Pan in a Flash Yes
p. 20 Jo Bevilacqua Habibi - A 'Beloved' Build Part 2 (cover) Yes
p. 23 Gabriele Layne A Family of Artisans No
p. 24 Carolyn Eiche Cookies & Milk Yes
p. 24 No author Hallsted House No
p. 24 Laurie Wagner Handmade Dolls No
p. 25 Susan R. Shinn Dollar Store Treasures - Baking Tins Yes
p. 26 No author The Heart of the Home (cover) No
p. 26 NAME Day Committee 2015 NAME Day Window Shopping Shade & Sign Yes
p. 27 NAME Day Committee 2015 NAME Day Window Shopping - 1 inch scale Yes
p. 28 Linda W. Kubish A Box of Many Colors No
p. 29 NAME Day Committee 2015 NAME Day Window Shopping - 1/2 inch scale Yes
p. 29 Laurie Wagner Plush Doll Yes
p. 31 NAME Day Committee 2015 NAME Day Window Shopping - 1/4 inch scale Yes
p. 32 No author The Joy is In the Illusion No
p. 32 NAME Day Committee 2015 NAME Day Window Shopping Siding Yes
p. 34 Maria Jose Santos Loved It Created It No
p. 34 Zoe Manley Victorian Treasures No
p. 36 Louise Krasniewicz Miniature Exhibits at the World's Fairs No
p. 38 Joan Tyler Fresh Bread and Honey Yes
p. 40 Jo Bevilacqua Construct a Grand Entry (Part 3) Yes
p. 40 Joyce Waltz-Umerley Club Fanfare No
p. 40 Ronnie Godfrey Sea Shell Frames Yes
p. 42 (reader submissions) Weddings Brides & Boutiques Part 2 No
p. 42 Gabriele Layne Beach Memories No
p. 46 Guilherme Holtz Getting the Perfect Shot No
p. 46 Kraig Councell Miniature Flowers No
p. 48 No author Results of Hobby Builder's 2014 Creatin' Contest No
p. 50 No author Gallery - Collection of Patricia Miller No
p. 52 Mariana Wilkinson A Nostalgic Day on the Farm No
p. 52 No author Artist Showcase No
p. 55 Nadine Smith Backyard Barbecue Yes
p. 58 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kids' Corner - Tote Bags Yes
p. 60 Carol Silberman Always Up for a Challenge No
p. 60 Kelly Murdie 1:12 Scale Food No
p. 63 Sherry Foster Welcome to Oakshire No
p. 64 SallieMarie Shannon Garden Pergola Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 Valeria Bonomi Mini Sandals No
p. 70 Nathalie Mori Fashionable Lingerie Yes
p. 72 No author For the Love of Mini Shoes No
p. 74 Alison Hare A Little Trip to the Beach Yes
p. 74 Nathalie Mori Miniature Lingerie No
p. 77 No author Mini Cutouts - Art prints Yes
p. 81 Joyce Rawcliffe A Colorful Mini Wall Hanging Yes
p. 82 Jennifer Tuttle Mini Candle Holders Yes
p. 85 No author Snippets - Travel items No
p. 90 Nigel Davey Dollhouse Renovation No
p. 97 Marianne Colijn Pull Toys Yes