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There are 51 entries for Miniature Collector, Nov, 2014:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Julie Warren An Armoire for your Boudoir Yes
p. 10 Kris Compas Weaving a Basket Yes
p. 16 No author Auction Report - Cookie Ziemba No
p. 16 Susan J. Farnik Playing tribute to the Holidays No
p. 16 Gemma Figueras Amish Barn No
p. 18 Cynthia Erickson Scratch Built Fiction No
p. 20 Linda Cummings Many Things to be Thankful For No
p. 22 Anne Day Smith The Guild Goes On No
p. 24 Linda Cummings Add a POP to Holiday Dinner Yes
p. 24 Frances Roe School Days No
p. 26 Deb Weissler A Wizard with the Gift of Giving (cover) No
p. 28 Mary Kaliski A Modern Must No
p. 30 Thuy Means 1/4 inch Log Cabin with Lift Off Roof Yes
p. 31 Amanda Phillips Holiday Ham Yes
p. 32 Barbara B. Warner House Pin Minder Yes
p. 32 Natalia Antonelli Italian Pasta Yes
p. 33 Monica Graham Weving a Tiny Secret Keeper No
p. 36 Natalia Antonelli Pesto Sauce Yes
p. 37 Nathalie Mori Every Day is a Good Hair Day Yes
p. 38 Patricia Richards The Joie Gaston Halloween Extravaganza No
p. 38 Marianne Colijn Crochet a Fall Outfit Yes
p. 40 Kelly Morin An Enchanting Little Fortress No
p. 41 Jean Caff A Mini Gift No
p. 42 Jerry Unger Completely Absorbed No
p. 45 Barbie Cohn Andreason Mini Time Capsule No
p. 46 Auralea Krieger Trimming a Mini Tree Yes
p. 48 No author Gallery No
p. 48 Mandy Groves Mini Personalities No
p. 52 Martha Puff Rooms with Style (cover) No
p. 53 Various Big Buzz Yes
p. 54 Linda Cummings A Little Bird for Turkey Day Yes
p. 56 Kathleen D. Bailey Heart of Miniatures No
p. 57 Leona Osborne A Simple Touch of Elegance No
p. 60 Vicki Roberts Club Fanfare No
p. 60 Liz Jones A Rustic Roof Yes
p. 61 Ambria Campbell Kids' Corner - Tissue Box Yes
p. 63 Lianda Sutherland Healing with Minis No
p. 64 Marianne Colijn Let's Get All Dressed Up Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 No author Collecting Mini Art No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Yes
p. 71 Elles Leenders Plush Squirrel Yes
p. 72 John Constable The At of Mini Thatching Yes
p. 72 No author Making Rust Yes
p. 76 Margaret Jarratt Babies First Mini Room Box No
p. 76 No author Hallways No
p. 81 Sandy Novak In a Nutshell No
p. 82 Marianne Colijn Cake Stands Yes
p. 85 No author Snippets Yes
p. 90 No author Armor and Weapons No
p. 97 Mandy Groves Croquet Set Yes