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There are 48 entries for Miniature Collector, Mar, 2014:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 Sandra Swisher Winner of Champagne Vignette Contest No
p. 10 Amanda Phillips Breakfast Toast Yes
p. 10 Jane Rubicini Kids' Corner - Pointillist Art Yes
p. 10 Traci Nigon Putting Minis On Display No
p. 12 Auralea Krieger Make a Mini Bed Yes
p. 13 Beckie Sanderson Heart of Miniatures No
p. 14 No author Auction Report- Claudia Estes collection No
p. 16 Amanda Phillips A Healthy Salad Yes
p. 16 No author Contemporary Mini Mania No
p. 16 No author Miniature Showcase No
p. 18 Bernard Whittaker Keep Your House Safe Yes
p. 18 Caroline Dupuis A Mini Chandelier Yes
p. 20 No author Contemporary Mini Mania No
p. 22 Caroline Oster A First House for a First Lady No
p. 22 Deb Weissler What's New, Pussycat? No
p. 24 Sophia Twaddell Hello Dollies No
p. 24 Deb Weissler Marie Antoinette- Ericka Van Horn No
p. 26 Lauren Nielsen Dollhouse for Research No
p. 29 Ronnie Godfrey Attic Antiquities No
p. 30 Linda Young Silver, Crystal, China, Oh My! No
p. 31 Sue Ostheimer Roadside Stand Club Project (1 inch scale) Yes
p. 32 Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb A Retrospective - Madelyn Cook No
p. 32 Terrie Wertz Fairy Tale Dolls No
p. 36 Cindy Erickson A Legacy in Leather No
p. 37 Patrizia Santi Making Shoes Yes
p. 38 Roxie Olmstead Preparing for a Show No
p. 40 Jacquie Hallhas Miniature Violets Yes
p. 40 Gail Hering Going for Baroque No
p. 40 Gosia Suchodolska Cooking Sunday Roast Yes
p. 43 Mickey Gray Cherished Dollhouse No
p. 46 Joan Warren Inspired by Movies No
p. 46 Jan Stuart Sweet Buns Village Bakery No
p. 52 Judi Noakes Retro Office No
p. 54 Traci Nigon Little Lifelike Figures No
p. 56 Danielle Muller Kitchen Tour No
p. 60 Jo Bevilacqua More of Biltmore Yes
p. 61 Auralea Krieger Miniature Beds No
p. 65 Ronnie Godfrey Miniature Albums Yes
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Labels No
p. 72 Jim Corbin A Labor of Love No
p. 75 Dawn Monk Sixties Retro is Back yes
p. 81 T. A. Gozeski Decorative Eggs Yes
p. 81 No author Snippets Yes
p. 83 Ronnie Godfrey Nursery Accessories Yes
p. 92 Ronnie Godfrey A Mini Nursery No
p. 92 No author Gallery No
p. 97 Lesia Lennex Mini Cupcakes Yes
p. 106 No author Through the Looking Glass No