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There are 30 entries for Miniature Collector, Oct, 2013:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Matt Chappell Munsters Laboratory No
p. 12 Sandra Young Wadsworth Manor (cover) No
p. 18 Sophia Twaddell Lesley Burgess Food Artisan No
p. 18 Dave Huffman Half Scale Bed Yes
p. 21 Lesley Burgess Tips for Working with Fimo Yes
p. 22 Barbara Aardema Emerson Baby House No
p. 24 Ginger Bryant Sure Cure Apothecary No
p. 24 Jennifer Tuttle Pumpkin Cookies Yes
p. 27 Ginger Bryant Crackle Surfaces Yes
p. 28 Barbara Aardema A Dress for the Season No
p. 32 Hilary Walton Waiting in Line No
p. 36 Dave Williams Mini Gravestones Yes
p. 40 Christine Horner Skeleton Chair Yes
p. 44 Deb Weissler Fantastic Miniatures No
p. 49 Barbara Aardema 2012 NAME Day Alcoves No
p. 52 Carole Pruzan Tickle Your Funny Bone No
p. 52 Eleanor Kilham Wash Out & Stitch Up (cover) No
p. 54 No author Gallery - Tom Bishop Chicago 2013 Exhibits No
p. 57 No author Snippets Yes
p. 59 Caroline McFarlane-Watts Halloween Donuts Yes
p. 60 Pamela Boyer Heart of Miniatures No
p. 62 Marianne Colijn Mummy Heads Yes
p. 64 Carol Huffman Art Nouveau Designs No
p. 70 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kid's Corner Yes
p. 71 Carol Huffmann Zombie Room Box Yes
p. 74 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 74 Allison Croat Meet the Maker No
p. 80 Rhea Avery Halloween Store No
p. 90 Paul Gadenne Mini Witch Yes
p. 97 Connie Smith Last Word No