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There are 45 entries for Miniature Collector, May, 2013:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Martha Puff Mini Museum Scenes No
p. 10 Various Tips and Tricks Yes
p. 12 Jennifer Tuttle S'mores Earrings Yes
p. 15 No author Miniature Showcase No
p. 16 Viola Williams On His Own Two Feet Yes
p. 16 Susan Santilli Bistro Kit Challenge Part 1 (cover) No
p. 16 Deb Weissler Meet the Artist - Ligia Durstenfeld No
p. 20 Deb Weissler A Glamorous Life No
p. 20 Arla Johnson Birdwatcher's Attic Room No
p. 24 Barbara Aardema They'll Leave the Light on for You No
p. 24 Martha Puff Mini Jewelry (Artisan gallery) No
p. 26 Tanya Waughman Doughy Treats Yes
p. 28 Carolynn Walden Good Sam Show No
p. 30 Jan Stuart Real Rising Bread No
p. 32 Allison Croat An Artist's Life No
p. 33 Jessica Partain Popcorn Bag Yes
p. 34 No author Boston Beacon Hill House No
p. 35 Marianne Colijn Knit Baby Dress Yes
p. 36 Ginger Bryant Craft a Tin Ceiling Yes
p. 37 Ginger Bryant Complimentary Insert - Tin Ceiling Yes
p. 40 Jennifer Tuttle For Your Ears or Your Plate Yes
p. 40 No author Gallery - Paris Renfro No
p. 40 Diane Birnberg Smallsea No
p. 44 Clark Britton Pioneer Style Sod House No
p. 47 Allison Croat Quarter Scale Flowers No
p. 48 Sue Kirkham Spaghetti Bolognese Yes
p. 52 Sue Dubowi Weathering Patio Yes
p. 52 Danielle Muller Flower Shop No
p. 54 Jan Stuart Gunslingers and Gold Diggers No
p. 56 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kids' Corner - Janitor's Tools Yes
p. 56 Rhea Avery Budget Garden No
p. 58 Martha Puff Food Jewelry - Artisan Gallery No
p. 62 No author A Picnic Basket for Lunch Yes
p. 64 No author Beach Shanty Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts Yes
p. 72 Debbie Walker On Her Own No
p. 72 Mary Wallace Barley Hall No
p. 76 L & D Creations Chalet to Beaches No
p. 80 Chloe Menage Toast Earrings Yes
p. 81 Sue Kirkham Lemon Pie Yes
p. 82 Marianne Colijn Card Shop Yes
p. 85 No author Snippets Yes
p. 90 Chloe Menage Sweet Bottle Yes
p. 92 Lorraine Cooper Mother's Bouquets Yes