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There are 34 entries for Miniature Collector, Mar, 2013:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Ken Byers A Better Chocolate Factory No
p. 12 Stephanie Kondo Shop Talk - In a Nutshell Miniatures No
p. 14 Carol Deime Patio Tables Yes
p. 16 No author Miniature Showcase No
p. 18 Pat Balazs Stone Cottage Comes to Life Yes
p. 20 David Huffman Do-It-Yourself Wiring Yes
p. 24 Martha Puff A Dresser or a Dansu No
p. 25 Mary Kaliski Three Apprentices No
p. 28 Suzanne Landshof Jacquie Mitchell Mansion No
p. 28 Jo Bevilacqua A Room Box for Charity Yes
p. 34 Jackie Benham My Miniature Scrapbook Workshop No
p. 36 Mary Kaliski Dealers of Miniatures No
p. 43 Cheryl Miller Architecturally Speaking with Kathy Gumberger No
p. 44 Deb Weissler Sultan of Arabesque No
p. 48 Joan Miller Two Paths into Small Scales No
p. 48 Roxie Olmstead Cleaning Your Dollhouse Yes
p. 52 Jan Stuart Every Little Girl's Dream No
p. 55 Oscar Salabert Building a Terrace Yes
p. 56 Sheila Capistran Flowers and Blooms Yes
p. 59 No author Mini Cutouts- Gardening Posters, tools Yes
p. 62 Deb Weissler Carpets that are Classic No
p. 62 Rhea Avery Mini Museum No
p. 66 Tanya Waughman Creating Your Meat Yes
p. 72 Marianne Colijn A Brocante Shop No
p. 72 Dani Muckleroy Texas Mini Showcase (page corrected from contents) No
p. 76 T. A. Gozeski Pretty Bottles and Purses Yes
p. 76 Oscar Salabert Carving Foam Walls Yes
p. 80 Marianne Colijn Crochet Baskets Yes
p. 85 No author Snippets - Easter Baskets, boxes Yes
p. 90 Barbara Stowe Cleaning Supplies Yes
p. 92 Rosemary Cooper Button Foot Stool Yes
p. 96 No author Gallery - Art Deco No
p. 106 Nancy J. Rhode Kids' Corner - Cloth Baby Book Yes
p. 114 No author Through the Looking Glass No