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There are 27 entries for Miniature Collector, Feb, 2013:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Beryl Hales Love Tokens Yes
p. 12 Mary Lou Santovec Randy Hage's Storefronts No
p. 15 Randy Hage Realistic Rust Yes
p. 16 Deb Weissler Meet the Artist No
p. 16 Ginger Bryant Easy to Make Wooden Pastries Yes
p. 18 Barbara Aardema Elizabeth Hamilton's House for a Tudor Family No
p. 20 Sarah Hayward Dessert Stands Yes
p. 23 Children's Museum staff Propylaeum Carriage House No
p. 24 Martha Puff Small Scale Structure No
p. 24 Molly Cromwell Travels with Molly - Netherlands and Belgium No
p. 26 No author Replicas & Tributes No
p. 34 Laura Montgomery Laura Montgomery and Milestone Miniatures No
p. 36 Nick Forder Silber and Fleming, Wholesalers No
p. 37 Brenda Shahzada Creativity Contest Yes
p. 40 Marianne Colijn Crochet Pie Yes
p. 42 No author Gallery - IGMA Boxes No
p. 44 Tom Yorke Painting Techniques Yes
p. 52 Martha Puff Small Scale Offerings No
p. 57 Nancy J. Rhode Kids' Corner - Mardi Gras Yes
p. 60 Marianne Colijn Crochet Cake Yes
p. 62 Allison Croat Dollhouses for Kids No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 72 Martha Puff Why Work in Small Scales No
p. 80 Isabel Hall Wedding Box Yes
p. 90 Barbara Linn Mini Teapots Yes
p. 93 No author Snippets - Valentine Cards Yes
p. 97 Sarah Boone Last Word - Backgammon Board Yes