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There are 33 entries for Miniature Collector, Oct, 2011:

Page Author Title How To?
p. No author Club Fanfare No
p. 6 Kat Hazelton The Sorting Hat Yes
p. 9 Martha Puff Storybook Scenes No
p. 14 Barbara Ferdman The Checker Inn (cover) No
p. 18 Mary Kaliski Anabela Miniaturas No
p. 18 Rik Pierce Faux Floors Yes
p. 20 Barbara Aardema Details Details! No
p. 24 Connie Padilla Above the Window Shelf Yes
p. 26 Amy Marshall Jonathan's Kitchen No
p. 26 Deb Weissler Driftwood Dreams No
p. 29 Jonathan David Making and Using Jigs No
p. 30 Jonathan David Kitchen Decals Yes
p. 30 Marianne Colijn Spooky Foods Yes
p. 39 Martha Puff Fantasy Gallery No
p. 54 No author Texas Miniature Showcase No
p. 54 Karin Eddins-Lambert Fairy Bed Yes
p. 56 Edward Michener Meredith's Miniatures Home to Stay No
p. 58 Karin Eddins-Lambert Jewel Thief Home No
p. 60 Anne Day Smith Andrew Janicki's Fort Greene Ville No
p. 62 No author Gallery No
p. 65 Rachel Karpf Snippets - Halloween Party Yes
p. 70 Kiva Atkinson Yummy Mummies Yes
p. 70 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 72 Dana Burton Holiday Gathering No
p. 75 Pat Vick Spiders and Eyeballs Yes
p. 77 Pat Benedict Monster Cupcake Yes
p. 79 Nanci Jarvis Kids' Corner - Sparkling Pink Cake Yes
p. 79 Anna Maltauro Anna Maltauro No
p. 82 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 84 Anna Maltauro Aging a Desk Yes
p. 86 Pat Vick Mini Rats Yes
p. 90 Conny Wethington Witchy Apartments No
p. 97 Joyce Mori Hats and Sofa Yes